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The Skirrid

The Skirrid, or Ysgyryd Fawr in Welsh, is a mountain just outside Abergavenny in south-east Wales.  I have never seen this location on any other photography location list, and amazingly I don’t think I’ve ever seen another photographer up there either!  However, its become one of my favourite spots, both for the ease of access and the variety of views on offer. 


The great thing about the Skirrid is that the summit provides a long, steep ridge surrounded by low rolling hills, giving you endless opportunities for elevated shots across the rolling Monmouthshire countryside.  This is especially true at sunrise due to the low lying land to the east, but sunset can also be magically, especially later in the year.    



The Skirrid is a great option for misty mornings, and offers lovely seasonal variation in colour, thanks to the variety of land use in the surrounding countryside. Pack a telephoto lens if you have one so you can pick out these features and patterns below. 


Lastly, its a short but strenuous climb to the summit so make sure to get up early so you reach the ridge by sunrise.  More than once I've seen the sky light up with colour while I'm still frustratingly still puffing my way up the climb. 


If you have a day free in the area, a good option for the afternoon is the nearby Sugarloaf which offers a 360 degree panorama over similar countryside from the other side of Abergavenny. 


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